Igor Ilić

Senior Full Stack
Web Developer.

Developer with 8+ years of experience. My skills include but not limited to: PHP, MySQL, CSS, JavaScript, MSSQL, CodeIgniter, Node.js. Hobbyist mobile app developer.


Igor Ilić

Started my career back in 2012 working a web developer focusing mostly on PHP using the CodeIgniter framework, jQuery and MySQL. Later moved on to another company where I learned C# development, but decided to stick with PHP as I preferred it more. While learning C# also developed a love for building mobile applications, so I started to learn first Java than later Kotlin for building Android application. Recently started to learn Flutter to be able to develop cross-platform application with eas. Later on I started building web based application and APIs for financial institutions in the FinTech sector.

A lot of my work is covered under strict NDAs, but those that are not can be found on my GitHub profile, and you can also see me stream my work on some of them over on Twitch.tv