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And so it begins ?!?

And so it begins ?!?

   28-09-2017         General stuff         Igor Ilić

Or maybe a better title would be And this is how it all began, but since in this first post there will be a lot of mixing between past, present and future I wasn’t 100% sure what to call it, and just stuck to what came to mind first. Just wanted to say hello and suggest you get yourself some food and water as this might be a long story.

So to begin this little story, let me tell you more about myself. My name is Igor Ilić and I come from Banja Luka, Bosnia & Herzegovina, that is where this little origin story begins. I first came into contact with computers back in 2003/04, a year after I started primary school. And from the first moment people could see that I had a certain way with them, unlike most of the other kids. At first it was just playing some games on it, you know those old ones, pinball, drawing in MS Paint, minesweeper and then moved to bit more advanced games such as Impossible creatures, Tomb Raider, Tarzan and others. And while most kids had trouble getting to the next level / objective I always had that magic touch that made it look like I did it in a single click. After that I began installing and cracking games myself, while my friends had to have an adult to help them with it.

But it wasn’t until I was 13 years old that I came into contact with the real stuff (programming). We head a computer class where we learned the basic stuff about computers and how to use them, but also had lessons for Qbasic. But we only got around to, well, the basic stuff :)


QBasic welcome screen



We would create the hello world, enter your name and then print the message Welcome, {NAME}, basic math problems and other little programs. But that is what actually got me interested in programming and more advanced stuff about computers. So I started learning much more in advance than my class was and soon that started becoming a problem for my teacher as the other kids weren’t able to follow up as well and I got bored during the lectures as I knew all of that already and began learning new things. And while doing so and with a help of a friend I stumbled upon a program called RPG MAKER VX which allowed us to create video games without actually coding anything.


RPG Maker VX screenshot

So we started messing around in it, creating our own worlds and stuff like that, adding players and certain objectives inside the game. Like in one version of the game we created, you had to find a certain elevator and go to certain floor and then find the one brick on the wall that would allow you to go to the next level / town. And once we had a somewhat decent looking world, we showed it to our teacher and she was impressed with it. Around that time there was an announcement around the school about a competition where they had a free style category allowing us to submit whatever we wanted and so we came up with the idea to create a game based on a popular children song called “Pačija škola”, roughly translated it would be a School for ducklings, that was written by a famous writer Zmaj Jova Jovanović or ZJJ for short, and our school was named after him. So my friend and I started to work on the game, that would have a little duck as its main character and layout of the world would be a lot similar to the one of our school with some extra features and places. But we were able to create classrooms where you would have rows of tables and ducks behind them and an Albert Einstein looking professor who was supposed to look like ZJJ.

We submitted the game and won the 1st place for it and decided to go to two more competitions and won 1st and 2nd place on them. After that I started getting more interested in game development and was trying to figure out how to create more advanced games and while doing the research for it I started to wonder how people made the websites that I was reading and kind of shifted from game to web development from there and have stayed in that field. And that is a “short” version of how I got into doing what I do best.

And now to continue with this article as it was just supposed to be an introduction and a short announcement about me starting my blog which I will hopefully keep alive and find more topics to write. As this is going to be a type of blog where I write about my struggles with a piece of a code or a project and requirement for it or a client (of course all of private data will be excluded for privacy reasons and the NDA-s). I’m not planing on writing news articles about current events (IT or any other kind), as I have tried that before, unless it affects me or my work somehow but even then it would be my personal opinions on the subject and not a plain news article.


And as for my personal experiences and skills, I’ve been working as a professional web developer for 5+ years now. Most of my projects where done using PHP, MySQL and CodeIgniter framework (personal preference). I’ve had the pleasure of working in teams with other developers but also by myself on many projects either from start to finish or by upgrading / maintaining an existing system. I also had some projects done using Wordpress and Joomla (not really a fan of either). And as of recent my hobby is Android application development using Java and / or Kotlin but I do have two mobile apps published on my google play developer account and another one in development for my current company BLMEDIA. So I have a wide rang of skills, but I’m focused on web development and for now that is my main source of income. Maybe one day I decide to completely switch to mobile development but don’t think that will happen any time soon. I also have 3 more companies as of writing this in my CV.